Meet the team: Back-end developer Erik Gaal

20 October 2017

In the fourth edition of Meet the team, we are introducing Erik Gaal, one of our back-end developers. He is our youngest team member, and when you don't see him behind his desk, you can probably spot him in the kitchen cooking a great dinner.

Who is Erik?

Erik is only 21 years old and lives in Rotterdam, about an hour away from Amsterdam. He started working at Scrn in June 2017 as a back-end developer. The love for programming already showed at a young age, he says: "When I was ten years old, I got a book from my parents: Building websites for children. It had a very basic setup, but I was hooked from the beginning. When I went to high school, one of my classmates already knew how to code, he helped me with it and my love for programming only grew from that moment on."

Besides working at Scrn, he also majors in Information Science and just started his senior year at Utrecht University. Just a thesis away and we will have another graduate in the house!

Making sure everything works

Erik builds the parts of websites or systems you can not see, which might not seem relevant to a user, but actually are pretty important. This goes from data storage to information processing for instance. "And I make sure everything works," he says with a smile.

Even though Erik is only with the Scrn team for a couple of months, he really enjoys working in Amsterdam: "I get to give my opinion, we take each other seriously and I get to think of solutions in my own way. That makes my job so much fun.” When you write back-end developer on your resume, it might not sound as a very creative job, but Erik proves it's the other way around. When you have a problem, you have to solve it, whether you take route A, route B or a completely different route. Sometimes you have to get creative in order to find the right solution, something Erik loves to do.

The world of Eurovision

Erik joined the Scrn team right after the 2017 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. While he quickly got up to speed as member of the team, it made him realise a visit to the event can be compared to how an image is worth a thousand words. "The longer I work at Scrn, the better I understand Eurovision as well. But I am really looking forward to pay the event a visit and experience it."

Madonna & cooking

Erik also got to pick someone to put on our inspiration wall, and he chose Madonna. Not a person whom he thought to choose a couple of years ago he admits: "My boyfriend is a huge Madonna fan, and because of him I started to appreciate her. She has achieved the impossible and if you really want something, you will achieve that. That’s what I like about her."

The final question — What do you love to do on the weekend? — was easily answered: "Partying!" Erik loves going to festivals, so if you want to spot him; check your calendars for the coolest parties in Amsterdam (Pride), Rotterdam (Cocktail) and Antwerp (Tomorrowland).

When he needs to rest a little from all the hard work (and, indeed, those wild parties), you can find him in the kitchen. He loves to cook and experiment with food. Apparently, he makes great lasagne. We can’t wait to try it someday!

Want to work with Erik and others in the Scrn team? Contact us to explore how we can help your organisation forward with digital solutions to your challenges.

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