Meet the team: Back-end Developer Sherida van den Bent

1 December 2017

In the fifth edition of Meet the Team we are introducing Sherida van den Bent, one of our back-end developers. She works at Scrn, studies artificial intelligence and finds the time to play Zelda, read a Harry Potter book or watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Who is Sherida

Sherida is 22 years old and she started working at Scrn about a year ago as a back-end developer. She mainly develops in PHP and is currently working on several projects; the Eurovision Family of Events and a new e-learning platform for one of the Netherlands' leading hospitals.

Besides that, she also goes to university: "I major in Artificial Intelligence, the field that develops intelligent algorithms and machines. Think of self-driving cars, smart cameras, robotic manufacturing, and internet searches," she explains.

Working together

One of the things Sherida loves the most about her job are her colleagues: "There is a great vibe at the office, everyone is friendly and helps out when necessary." Working together is something we encourage at Scrn, the result of which reflects in our projects.

Sherida is working on a new e-learning platform, together with our lead designer Lilly, she says: "Lilly makes the design and I make sure everything works. I put all the HTML-elements in place, set the colours right, make sure buttons work and that data gets loaded onto the platform." The goal is to make the platform easier and quicker to use, so it’s more efficient and less time-consuming. A great challenge to work on!

Mr. Nintendo

We also asked Sherida who inspires her. She quickly comes up with a name: Shigeru Miyamoto, also known as Mr. Nintendo. Whenever Sherida isn't working or studying, you can find her playing the latest game of Zelda.

Mister Miyamoto inspired Sherida in learning English, and she has been playing his games her entire life. "I like to escape from the real world and find myself in a completely different world. That is also why I like to read books in the fantasy genre so much."

Want to work with Sherida and others in the Scrn team? Contact us to explore how we can help your organisation forward with digital solutions to your challenges.

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