Meet the team: Digital Communications Manager Paul Jordan

8 February 2018

In the sixth edition of Meet the Team we are introducing Paul Jordan, our Digital Communications Manager. Paul is 34 and comes from the UK. He moved to The Netherlands in 2015 to take up his role as Digital Communications Manager at Scrn. Let's get to know him!

Who is Paul?

Paul started working for Scrn in November 2015. Quite a big change, as he previously worked as a Communications Officer for the Royal College of Physicians in London and moved to the Netherlands for this particular job.

When you meet Paul for the first time, one subject must come up in your chat with him: The Eurovision Song Contest. He even wrote a PhD thesis about it, and his Twitter handle is Dr Eurovision. Paul was the perfect man for the exciting, yet challenging job as digital communications manager. But what is it that he does all day?

"I manage the accounts for the Eurovision Family of Events. This includes five television shows, the largest of which is the Eurovision Song Contest. I manage the online communications, including event websites, content creation and work closely with my colleagues who manage YouTube as well as the official social platforms. In addition to managing a small team, I work with more than 50 international stakeholders which is incredibly rewarding and at times, incredibly busy!"

But luckily for him, he doesn't spend all his days inside our office: "Much of my role involves travel which I absolutely love, I’ve had the fortune to visit places and countries that I may not have gone to otherwise".

That sounds like a challenge!

Managing the digital communications around five television shows, a small team and working with more than 50 international stakeholders is thrilling, yet quite challenging, as he says: "I think the most challenging aspect of the role is dealing with so many different things at the same time. One minute I can be writing a communications strategy for one event and the next I can be working with our developers to relaunch a website. Working with such a diverse group of different stakeholders, each with their own priorities, requires strong organisational and diplomatic skills."

What does Cyndi Lauper have in common with Paul's parents?

We ask every colleague who inspires him or her, and it was a tough choice for Paul: "I would say that I have two inspirations really, one from the celebrity world and one from real life. Cyndi Lauper inspires me – I love that she has worked so hard for so long. She has also lent her voice to important social issues, sometimes when it’s not been the trendy thing to do. As a singer, she’s totally underrated and I’d encourage anyone to see her live. In terms of real life inspirations, it might sound cheesy but I would say my parents. They moved from Scotland to Malta and then Germany for work before returning to the UK in the 1980s. Having lived and worked abroad I can understand a little more about my parents’ experiences, they sacrificed so much, particularly when they had children. It can’t have been easy being away from family and friends at a time when the world was so much less connected".


Paul relocated in 2015 to be part of the Scrn-team and to become the Digital Communications Manager for the Eurovision Family of Events. A difficult decision, but he sure knows how to spend his weekends: "I divide my time between London and Amsterdam. On a weekend when I’m here I like to go to the cinema, enjoy meals out and of course visit a bar or two! I’m trying to get back to my previous levels of fitness so I also spend time running at the weekends – something that isn’t easy in the wind and rain!"


Unfortunately for us, Paul is leaving us soon - aaawwhhh - and he will move back to London mid March: "I have learned so much in my role here at Scrn and am so glad that I made the decision to relocate to The Netherlands back in 2015. I have however, been offered a new position as PR Manager for Queen Mary University of London. It’s a big opportunity and I’m really excited about it. I will of course miss my team and cycling to work in Amsterdam but if it hadn’t been for my role at Scrn I don’t think I would have got this new job. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here and I strongly encourage anyone to live and work abroad, it broadens the mind. My only regret is that I didn’t make more effort to learn Dutch but at least I know how to order a witte wijn!"

Paul is leaving us, and that is very sad. But is also means that we are now looking for a new Project Manager to manage the accounts of the Eurovision Family of Events. Are you interested in managing the online communications around five television shows and working with over 50 international stakeholders? Check out the job opening and apply!

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