Meet the team: Lead Designer Lilly Bosman

25 September 2017

In this third edition of Meet the team, we are introducing Lilly, our Lead Designer. She recently moved from a town south of Amsterdam to a village west from it and despite the 13 km bike ride, twice a day, she had plenty of energy left to introduce herself to us!

Lilly is 25 years old and joined Scrn in December 2016. It started out with a month of freelance work and took her fully on board in January 2017.

Over the past years, the term 'designer' has come to mean many different things. As user interface and user experience designer, Lilly focuses on designing digital products: "Based on a functional specification I get to design how the end user gets to use these functionalities. At least as important is it to do so in the most user-friendly way."

Everything has to be right

User-centered design is very important when it comes to designing systems. "You always look from a user point-of-view. Who is he or she, how does the user use a certain system, in which place will a button work better — left or right?" It all starts with a style guide, which gives general direction to the look and feel of a digital product. Based on functional specifications I start sketching so-called wireframes on paper. These are very rough outlines of what a feature should look like. Based on a feedback cycle we developed internally we push a design through various iterations, each one being more refined. The last step is a digital mock-up, after that we unleash it in the browser," Lilly explains.

Surprising the user

Designing systems isn’t as easy as it looks, Lilly admits. Trends come and go rather quickly and you have to stay up-to-date to make sure the best solution will be found. "I always want to be innovative and I always look for improvements. I want to surprise the user with something that's better than what they are used to," Lilly says.

"My work is very creative and diverse, which makes it so much fun. Every product begins with a sketch and turns out to a real-world product." Currently, she is working on our own SAAS-product, as well as a project for one of the Netherlands' leading hospitals and, of course, the Eurovision Family of Events.

A race every month

Lilly likes working on Scrn’s ambitious projects, but she does have some ambitious projects of her own: In 2017 she will run a race every month. "In September I’ll run the Dam tot Damloop from Amsterdam to Zaandam, in October the half marathon of Amsterdam and in December the Midwinterduinloop in the Dutch city of Egmond. I'm already thinking about what to do in November." Of course, preparing for these races takes a good bit of training. And those hours that remain she spends drawing and painting: "Most of what I do during the week happens on a computer, so the weekend is paper time!"

Want to work with Lilly and others in the Scrn team? Contact us to explore how we can help your organisation forward with digital solutions to your challenges.

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