Meet the team: Lead Developer Robert van Steen

18 August 2017

In this weekly blog series we would like to introduce you to a member of our team — a talented bunch of people who make Scrn more than just a collection of individuals. We kick off with Robert, our 25-year old Lead Developer. On the 11th of August, we celebrated his one-year anniversary with Scrn and over the past 12 months, this ambitious guy already made himself hard to replace.

Being Lead Developer means that Robert is responsible for all development work that leaves the building. Over the past year, he spent a lot of time on the renewed Eurovision Song Contest website and a brand new CMS. He is also leading the development on our very first SAAS product (Software As A Service) and guides our developer team.

"In my previous job I worked on a lot of small projects, while at Scrn I work on much bigger challenges. I am a perfectionist: I spend a lot of time thinking about things to make sure the basics are right," Robert explains.

Making people’s lives easier

Robert enjoys working with and for people to make their lives easier and more efficient. "It is fun to hear that an improved system you built works for the people who use it. It’s not all fun and games though as the job does come with challenges. The consequences of making mistakes or missing a deadline could have a big impact. Preventing that is not just about avoiding mistakes, but also about building in safety measures, redundancy and a solid testing process."

Robert works at Scrn full-time: "My work is not just my work, it is also my hobby. During the weekends I experiment with things that I don’t have time for during the week. And when I finally put my laptop down, you can find me in the gym, at the soccer field to play soccer with friends or at the Johan Cruijff Arena where I’m watching a match of my favourite soccer club AJAX."

His inspiration

At Scrn, we have a so-called Wall of Inspiration. When you join the team, you get to pick someone that inspires you and we put a picture of him or her on our wall. Robert chose Tim Berners Lee, the man who invented the world wide web. "I can really relate to his philosophy: The internet is there for everyone. It should be open and accessible and it should connect people with each other. It’s great that something like the internet makes that happen," Robert concludes.

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