Meet the team: Video Content Manager Stijn Smulders

1 September 2017

In this second Meet the team episode we introduce Stijn Smulders, Video Content Manager at Scrn. If you are subscribed to the Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, you are already familiar with him; he is the voice behind the daily, weekly and monthly updates about everything that's going on in the Eurovision universe!

Stijn was born 29 years ago in the Dutch city of Tilburg. He has always been passionate about music, photography and video production. Already in highschool, he chose to focus on audiovisual production and it has been an important part of his life ever since. He went on to study Film and TV Production in Ireland and since then his professional career took him to production company Talpa, Dutch commercial broadcaster RTL and various public broadcasters. In 2011, he started working as a freelancer on the Eurovision project and has been working full time for Scrn since February 2016.

Everything that leaves the building

"As video content manager I am responsible for all the video content that leaves the building, so to say. My biggest responsibility is to manage the official YouTube Channels of the Eurovision Song Contest, Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision Young Dancers, Eurovision Young Musicians and Eurovision Choir of the Year events," Stijn explains his job in a nutshell.

Being a content manager certainly doesn't mean he is only producing content. A big aspect of his work focuses on developing and executing long-term video content strategies for our clients. If that's not enough, Stijn also deals with live streaming of events and dealing with the sensitive matter of copyright infringement. "I have the pleasure to work together with a team of four content contributors. We maintain close relationships with dozens of broadcasters and of course with the YouTube team."

One of Stijn's passions is to travel, which comes in useful in his job: "I am in the privileged position to get to travel a lot for work and get to know a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures while doing so. Most of my free time I like to spend exploring new places, whether it's far away or nearby." Despite loving their jobs, his breathtaking Instagram pictures from some of Europe's most beautiful sceneries have left several of his colleagues longing for a short holiday.

His inspiration

If you ask Stijn who inspires him, he doesn't come up with just one name, but rather recalls some real-life success stories, like that of the Iceland football team: "Iceland is a country with just over 300,000 inhabitants. After being a 'football dwarf' for many years they started changing their sports culture. With a small group of talented people and the right amount of team spirit they managed to do the impossible; qualify for the European football cup and manage to get to the quarter finals, leaving traditional football nations like England behind."

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