Scrn wins People’s Lovie Award for the official Eurovision website

11 October 2017

Today, the Scrn team is proud to announce that they have won a People’s Lovie and a Bronze Lovie Award for the official Eurovision Song Contest website in the category TV in the 7th Annual Lovie Awards.

Scrn designs, develops and operates the Eurovision Song Contest’s official website for the contest’s organisers, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The collaboration between the EBU and Scrn dates back to 2006. In April of this year, was given a complete overhaul. was redesigned and rebuilt based on the principles of mobile-first. More than 60 percent of traffic is generated on mobile devices. Its accessible user interface, exclusive backstage content and rich history database give the Eurovision Song Contest a worthy online presence for a broad international audience.

"We are incredibly proud of this recognition and especially grateful for the public vote. Over the past years, the Eurovision Song Contest has established itself as a strong digital brand, active on all relevant online platforms. remains one of the contest’s key central hubs," says Sietse Bakker, CEO of Scrn. "We are grateful the EBU entrusts our team to work on one of their flagship events."

The Lovie Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the most prestigious honour in Europe for excellence across websites, online advertising, internet video, mobile sites, apps & podcasts and social.

About Scrn

We are a full-service digital agency focused on the public and non-profit sector. Its Amsterdam-based team of developers, designers, content creators and strategists aims to make a meaningful difference for its clients by creating state-of-the-art websites, apps, online tools, content and brand work. Every year, our work is seen by over 100 million people worldwide. More:

The Scrn project team for the Eurovision Song Contest website consists of:

  • Paul Jordan (Project Leader)
  • Stijn Smulders (Video Content Manager)
  • Robert van Steen (Lead Developer)
  • Lilly Bosman (Lead Designer)
  • Erik Gaal (Backend Developer)
  • Sherida van den Bent (Backend Developer)
  • Josianne Zwart (Project Coordinator)
  • Jan Demulder (Video Producer)
  • Wim Dehandschutter (Video Producer)
  • Femke de Laat (Video Producer)
  • Victor Escudero (Editor)
  • Helena Nilsson (Editor)
  • Julia Krivinchuk (Editor)
  • Andres Putting (Photographer)
  • Thomas Hanses (Photographer)

About the EBU

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s leading alliance of public service media (PSM). It has 73 members in 56 countries in Europe, and an additional 33 Associates in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Its members operate almost 2,000 television, radio and online channels and services, and offer a wealth of content across other platforms. Together they reach an audience of more than one billion people around the world, broadcasting in more than 120 languages. The EBU operates Eurovision and Euroradio services and organises the Eurovision Song Contest. More:

About the Lovie Awards

The mission of The Lovie Awards is to recognise the unique and resonant nature of the European internet community—from Europeʼs top digital and creative networks and content publishers to cultural and political organisations and individual creators. Now in its seventh year, The Lovie Awards continues to celebrate the most resonant and pertinent stories in Europe. With entries from over 30 countries across the EU, the Awards reflect the tremendous growth of the internet as a tool for business and everyday lives. Work in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Dutch can be entered in five main category types: Websites, Internet Video, Online Advertising, Mobile Sites, Apps & Podcasts and Social. More:

About the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences was founded in 1998 to help drive the creative, technical, and professional progress of the Internet and evolving forms of interactive media. An international organisation, The Academy selects the Nominees and Winners for The Webby Awards, the leading honour for Websites and individual achievement in technology and creativity, and its European sister, The Lovie Awards. More:

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