Summer at Scrn is all but quiet

13 July 2017

Summer — usually a quiet time for businesses, as their clients and staff leave for some well deserved time off. But that doesn't mean nothing is happening. On the contrary, in fact!

If you were a fly on the wall in our office, you would hear things about the Eurovision events we service, a project for one of The Netherlands' leading hospitals and ongoing negotiations around two potential new clients. We are also working on the foundation of our first SAAS initiative (Software As A Service), about which we can hopefully tell you more by the end of the year.

The Eurovision cycle continues

As the official digital agency for the Eurovision Song Contest, the months after May are traditionally more quiet, as it is the only time of the year people can actually go on holiday. However, according to Paul Jordan, Account Manager on the Eurovision project, this year is a little different: "We have the privilege of working on a brand new event this year, the Eurovision Choir of the Year. The competition will be held in Riga, Latvia, and we are really excited about it!"

Ahead of 22nd of July, when the contest takes place, our core Eurovision team will be out of the office to work on-site for Eurovision Choir of the Year. Right after, the preparations for the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest go up a gear, especially when it comes to the ambitions on YouTube. "With a content plan that is perfectly targeted towards the contest's audience we hope to grow the YouTube channel to 100.000 subscribers," says Stijn Smulders, Video Content Manager at Scrn.

Healthy developments

Whilst our team's work on the Eurovision events requires substantial focus, a lot of other things are happening at Scrn. Sherida and Lilly are working on an e-learning platform for a major hospital in The Hague: "Amongst other tasks, we are creating a better user experience and visual design for the system," says Lilly. The platform is meant to help over 3,000 employees, from cafeteria staff to cardiologists, to better manage the continuous learning that is required when working in health care.

As an agency that focuses on the public and non-profit sector, working for one of The Netherlands' leading hospitals is a real privilege. "We recently visited the hospital to see how they work. It made me even more aware of how meaningful the work they do is, which gives me a sense of meaning to my work as well."

Of course, the summer months are also the perfect time for internal improvements. Sietse Bakker, CEO of Scrn, says: "We are further fine-tuning project management mechanisms, which is a notorious weak spot at many digital agencies. By improving the way we compile functional specifications for projects, building upon our experience with micro-sprints, we aim to get even more done in less time. We will also introduce so-called Expectation Sheets; a simple one-pager, clearly outlining expectations on project level, both from clients as well as management. These tools improve communication internally and with our clients, contributing to the quality of our work."

Personal goals

At Scrn, we understand that work is not 'just work', but represents a huge part of your life that means a lot to people in terms of their growth and self-image. Paul, being British but living in Amsterdam, decided to put his focus towards improving his integration with Dutch society: "I am going to make the most of the good weather and cycle to and from work each day. I want to integrate more into Dutch life and getting on my bike is one of the first steps to achieving this. I also plan to start new Dutch language classes, I really should know more than één witte wijn," Paul admits.

Josianne also gets things moving, as she is mentally and physically preparing for the New York Marathon. "I have to run over 42 kilometers during the marathon in November, so I have to train really hard. Luckily, I can do that outside in the sun!"

The most exciting personal goal might be the one from Sietse: "As CEO, my priority is to steer the team in the right direction early on, giving our team freedom to manoeuvre in the heat of the moment. There is also an element of self-interest here, as my wife and I are expecting a baby girl in late November, so I want to be absolutely certain to leave a well-oiled machine as I take some family time off at the end of the year."

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