What we do at Eurovision Young Dancers

16 December 2017

The live show of the 15th edition of Eurovision Young Dancers takes place tonight on December 16 in Prague, Czech Republic and Scrn is proud to be part of it!

As with the Eurovision Song Contest, Scrn is responsible for creating content on the official website as well as for the official YouTube channel. That means our team is on-site during the event week to follow the participants, interview them and create videos about what is happening. Besides that, the Scrn team is also responsible for producing content on the official social media channels; Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (account: eydancers). We also ensure that the platforms are kept up to date during the year with the latest information about the event.

"Eurovision Young Dancers is a relatively small event, especially compared to the Eurovision Song Contest but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. To begin with, this contest focuses on dancing instead of singing which makes it a completely different event. It’s also fun to work so closely with our own team and the participants and to create entertaining content", says Josianne, who is the Social Media Manager at Scrn.

About Eurovision Young Dancers

Eurovision Young Dancers began in 1985 and to date Spain is the most successful country in the competition with five victories. This year, eight dancers aged between 16 and 21, from all over Europe, gathered in the capital city of the Czech Republic. Each participant will perform a dance routine of their choice, which they have prepared in advance of the competition. Dancers are judged by a panel of professional jury members with a background in various styles of dance including ballet, contemporary, and modern. Once all the jury votes have been counted, the two participants which received the highest total of points progress to the final round. The final round consists of a 90-second 'dual', where each of the finalists perform a 45-second random dance-off routine. The overall winner upon completion of the final dances is chosen by the professional jury members.

In addition to the broadcasts in the participating countries, the 2017 edition of Eurovision Young Dancers will be streamed live on YouTube from 20:00 CET. Enjoy the show!

Photo: Czech TV, Photographer: Mikulas Krepelka

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