Established in 2002, is one of the Netherlands' top-100 domain name registration and webhosting providers. We proudly worked side-by-side with their team to design and implement a their website and state-of-the-art control panel.

Online identity, UI/UX design

The new website is fully responsive, suitable for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

For the last few years, the domain name industry has shown clear signs of saturation. That posed a challenge for the small provider: Large competitors with enormous marketing power are increasingly challenging to keep up with. Between 2014 and 2015, gradually rolled out a new and unique strategy, focusing on negotiating the selling and buying of existing domain names and the management of large domain name portfolios. proudly services some of the Netherlands' leading brands, such as energy company Essent and SNS Bank.

To enforce the company's new strategy, we worked closely with the team to design and develop a new website. We also worked closely with their technical and account teams to completely redesign the their customer control panel, which is the beating heart of the company's service.

The CustomerLounge gives customers easy access to all their domain names, settings, financial and personal data.

Compared to the two weeks prior to the launch, traffic to the new website soared in the period after the launch, both measured by sessions as well as by unique users.