The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s leading alliance of public service media, with 73 Members in 56 countries in Europe, and an additional 34 Associates in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Their mission: To make public service media indispensable. A mission we wholeheartedly embraced by designing their new website.

Online branding
European Broadcasting Union

Making public service media indispensable - that is the EBU's overall purpose. After a rebranding in 2012 by the renowned Rotterdam-based agency Studio Dumbar, the EBU started a year-long process to design and develop a completely new web portal.

Dozens of wireframes were designed to craft every page to its perfection.

Due to the complexity of the website's advanced data model, collaboration had to be a guiding principle from the beginning of the project. We worked side by side with the EBU's Chief Digital Officer and his team to rapidly prototype ideas and designs for the new site. Over the course of several months, we designed dozens of wireframes to craft every page to its perfection.

Mock-up of the front page. The new EBU website is fully responsive, suitable for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The EBU has a large and diverse group of stakeholders, ranging from people working for member broadcasters to politicians and from journalists to internal staff. This lead to a major challenge: how to maintain clarity in the design of the front page and navigation, and at the same time do justice to the diversity of the organisation? By asking these important questions and basing our proposals on the EBU’s internal web audit, we provided solutions that gave prominence to the most important content. The navigation originally focused on the EBU's diversity as an organisation, and was refined over time by the organisation's communications team to facilitate very specific target groups.

The EBU operates two well-known brands: EUROVISION and EURORADIO. As both brands serve very different target groups, yet stand for the same quality standards and values, it was important for the EBU to show the connection to these brands. To achieve connection and consistency, we designed a designated portal for each of them, similar in style and structure.

Over a period of six months, pageviews went up 18%, while the number of sessions grew with nearly 5% compared to the six months prior to the launch of the new website.